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We are the Spessart

Experience unique nature!

The Spessart offers you everything you need for relaxation. 

There are enchanted places, like the Mespelbrunn moated castle, which is surrounded by myths and legends. 

Lohr Castle where Snow White can be found. Just like the castle in Aschaffenburg, which can look back on a long and impressive history. 

There are museums for every taste. Art lovers, historians and the curious will get their money's worth here. Whether natural history, art, crafts or archives, the city of Aschaffenburg offers something for every interest.

You can walk in the footsteps of history in the numerous historical buildings. Enjoy one of the numerous city tours or set off on your own. From Caesar to Napoleon, you'll come across quite a few celebrities of European history in our region.

Speaking of Europe - visit the geographic center of Europe  which can be found not far away in the Franconian wine-growing region of Veitshöchheim.

We also make athletes' hearts beat faster. The Spessart offers the largest Ebike charging network in Europe, several hundred kilometers of hiking trails , mountain bike parks and routes, climbing gardens, Nordic walking and much more. Why not try a donkey hike - the little companions have a long history in our region. There is also a lot to do indoors - trampoline hall, not just for the little ones, go-karting, swimming or ice skating for young and old.


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